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I'm a machinist from New York, USA, and my family and I moved to Fuchu City, Tokyo in 2019.

Growing up, I watched my father build fast cars, fast boats, and restore almost anything vintage and cool. This early influence left an indelible mark on me. While most of my peers were playing ball in the park, I found solace in my father's workshop, crafting and creating things with my hands. This childhood passion became the foundation for my career path.

In 1999, I delved into the world of machinery, working as a multi-access CNC machinist. Over the next six years, I explored various industries and shops. However, it was in 2005 that I found my true calling, settling into aerospace work, where I remained until 2019.


The blend of my lifelong passion for creation and my extensive experience as a machinist equipped me with a unique skill set. Now, these skills manifest in the machines I create. Each motorcycle stands as a reflection of my vision and experiences - from the allure of custom bikes, cars, and boats, to the mesmerizing mechanical art that resonates with many of us. The intoxicating aroma of engines, the symphony of moving parts – it's more than machinery; it's art. This is what inspires and drives me to craft beautiful and unique motorcycles.

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