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We are offering a range of custom motorcycle services, including manufacturing and fabrication of stainless steel parts, custom builds, engine and transmission overhaul, importing services for Harley Davidson motorcycles, and vehicle inspection services. Here's a breakdown of the services we provide:

1. **Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication:**
   - Rigid/hardtail frames
   - Springer forks
   - Stainless steel exhaust
   - Stainless steel controls, headlights, taillights, etc.
   - Handlebars
   - Custom axles and spacers
   - Custom-made hardware (bolts, screws, nuts)
   - Stainless steel wheel hubs
   - Kicker arms and pedals
   - Drum brake assemblies
   - Disc brake components

2. **Custom Motorcycle Builds:**
   - We offer full custom builds and semi-custom builds depending on your preferences.

3. **Engine and Transmission Overhaul:**
   - We provide engine and transmission overhaul services. Please contact us for more information on these services.

4. **Importing Services:**
   - We import Harley Davidson motorcycles from America based on your requests and specifications.
   - We handle the entire import process, including shipping.
   - You will receive a motorcycle with a new 3-year vehicle inspection.
   - We also offer an additional engine overhaul service for an extra fee.

5. **Vehicle Inspection Services:**
   - After purchasing a motorcycle through our importing service, we complete the preliminary inspection process.
   - You don't need to worry about registering your motorcycle in Japan.
   - Once the preliminary inspection is complete, we send the motorcycle directly to your home in Japan.

This comprehensive range of services caters to motorcycle enthusiasts in Japan, and you can rely on our expertise for all your motorcycle needs.

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